George Guarino, CH, CI

George Guarino
Medical Certified Hypnotist and CFB Specialist


About George:

George has been working in private practice as a Medical Certified Hypnotist and CFB Specialist for a decade in the Capital Region area. After being trained at Samaritan Hospital in Troy NY through the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) he has gone on to study with Cal Banyan (5-PATH Hypnosis), Ron Eslinger (Pain Management), Michael Elner (Mindfulness), Jerry Kein (Ultra-Height Hypnosis), Dr. Mike Mandel (Hypnosis Academy Toronto), Dr. Brian Weiss (PLR), Jeffrey Stephens (Direct Hypnosis), and Igor Ledochowski (Conversational Indirect Hypnosis).

George specializes in stress management especially in regards to habitual addictive behavior that has been keeping the client stuck in the past. Guarino’s two main client centered approaches to change are 1, to move the client from today into a successful future, and 2, to neutralize old feelings connected to old thoughts, memories and behaviors of the past. Bypassing the critical faculty and directly addressing the client’s deeper subconscious mind allows insight and resources to be discovered and take hold, strengthening the client’s power to take back control of their wellness.

The body and mind are always naturally heading toward wellness and it is this practitioner’s role to stimulate the client’s own power to feel good, feel well and to be happy in concert with and to complement the advice and prescription of their healthcare provider. Whether it’s physical or emotional pain, negative patterns and habits, feelings of overwhelm, fear, worry and stress, hypnosis and the work of George Guarino can guide the client toward resourceful outcomes that better the client and help make them more deeply and naturally receptive to the work of their healthcare provider.
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