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Couple Therapy Session

Independent Practitioners

Our practice contains both full time and part time independent practitioners to tailor your needs at all times of the day. 

Please click on the names  for detailed biographies of our Pinnacle Behavioral Health independent practitioners:

Naveen Achar, MD      
Sean Chappin, MD 
William Cox, MD                                                                        
Nurse Practitioners:                                                                                                                                                                         
Deborah Sweeney, PMHMP-BC  

Physicians Assistant: 
Paul Clarke, PA-C
Kenna Burns, PA-C
Psychologist :                                                                                     
Elizabeth Berman, PhD                                                                    
Licensed Clinical Social Workers:
Tina Henderson, LCSW
Elisa Meredith, LCSW-R
Licensed Mental Health Counselors:
Susan Aiken, LMHC

Certified Hypnotist:

George Guarino ,CH,CI